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I’m a freelance creative director in San Francisco who’s been fortunate to work for some pretty great clients and agencies. At AKQA San Francisco I led innovative and award-winning digital marketing efforts for clients like Audi of America, Nike, Kraft, and Visa. I create advertising, branding, and storytelling across all media. No matter the project, my goal is to do great work.

Who is Bob Pullum?

Crypto for the 100%: the launch of a new financial system.

I worked on the launch campaign for Anatha, an ethos-driven decentralized technology company dedicated to eliminating global poverty by making the purchase of cryptocurrency more accessible to more people around the world. With Adam Lau as copywriter, we did the pitch creative and developed this campaign across digital, social, and print.

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Using AI to help brands be more relevant in social.

As a freelancer at Deloitte Digital/Heat, I helped create a successful case study for Footaction using a recently-acquired predictive AI company to predict trends to help brands be more relevant in social. We had a 72 hour creative process to create paid social posts and online ads based on AI predictions to capitalize on the hottest conversations. It was so successful, we did it for other clients.

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Creating a brand, helping a community.

The biggest project of my career becomes the most rewarding. An old bank building abandoned since the S&L Crisis of the '80's presented an opportunity for being creative with not only a small budget for its restoration but also space planning and historical adaptive reuse. It was important that the building become a place for the community to enjoy, as well as a destination for the Bay Area and beyond. 

Learn about the Guerneville Bank Club

Audi: Reimagining automotive in digital.

From leading the initial pitch to managing over 30 creatives, I helped Audi of America not only reimagine the digital automotive shopping experience, I oversaw and contributed to some amazing creative . We innovated important car launches, as well as created digital products to help improve Audi dealerships and ownership. 

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eBay: Helping a re-brand both internally and externally.

Freelancing for London-based Instinctif Partners alongside Chief Creative Officer Richard Pemberton, I've worked on a lot of different types of branding projects that have ranged from their biggest event, eBay Open, to seller initiatives like Always Open on eBay.

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Visa: Big brand. Big digital ideas and services.

I helped lead one of the biggest brands in the world with digital and social. Whether it was launching a global social program for a FIFA partnership or a network for small business owners, Visa had multiple brands that provided many opportunities.

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Kraft: Taking packaged food brands into digital.

Our team made Miracle Whip look digitally savvy. We also thought of ways to make Velveeta, Miracle Whip, Mayo, Philadelphia Cream Cheese and JELL-O as innovative and interactive as possible. Managing digital creative for Kraft was interesting and sometimes rewarding.

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Nike and Banana Republic: Fashion + retail + digital.

I helped pioneer the early days of campaign microsites for both Nike and Banana Republic. I’ve worked with Nike off and on for years. I spent several years taking traditional fashion campaigns and making them more interactive and engaging.

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Palm: The best mobile experience comes from learning from the past.

Mobile experience before there was such a thing. I managed the brand from the dot com days through the heyday of the Treo. We launched products, created print, TV & microsites, as well as launch multiple sub-brands and create their collateral. 

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Sometimes you don’t need big clients or even a client.

Sometimes great pro bono work comes from working with a non-profit and sometimes it just happens. There were a lot of opportunities through the years and these are a few that I really like.

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Old school Bob:
Internationally-recognized traditional campaigns.

I worked on traditional advertising and branding campaigns for 15 years for clients that included Avia Outdoor Shoes, Kenwood Audio, Powerbar, Copper Mountain Ski Resort, Specialized, and others.

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