Audi of America digital lead

Leading digital creative on Audi of America for four years was about doing innovative work. Our work not only received a lot of attention but also helped their business. From car launches to dealerships, our thinking was smart and innovative. Their website didn’t reflect the innovation nor the simplicity of the brand. We changed that with a redesign that took over 2 years and the resources of AKQA offices around the world to launch. reimagining the automotive website.

The reimagination of the digital automotive shopping experience. We stripped away what wasn't necessary to create an experience that allowed consumers to not only see their dream car in a cinematic way but also quickly find it.

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Retail and ownership: digital helps them both.

Dealerships are focused on selling and servicing cars, not figuring out how digital can make that process better. That's what we did. From the sales process to the service area, the Progressive Retail Initiative generated some great thinking and tools.

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Audi Road Frustration Index: bigger than just a car launch.

To launch the new Audi A6, we needed to create a tangible way to demonstrate the car’s intelligence makes over 2,000 decisions a second. The RFI became a living tool that was developed in partnership with the Senseable City Lab at M.I.T.

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A6 iPad app: maximizing the iPad to experience a car.

Many auto manufacturer's apps for the iPad tend to be over-designed with a complicated UI, as well as feature CGI imagery that makes the cars look like those in a video game. We created a simple, elegant app that was engaging, elegant and beautiful.

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A product truth becomes a commercial.

A simple idea for a low-budget social film using the actual infrared cameras on the front of the new Audi A6 suddenly becomes a national TV commercial. Slide right to see it. ACD/CW: Nick Strada, Senior AD: Michael Gurman