Audi of America had a website that didn’t reflect the innovation or the simplicity of the brand. We crafted a new experience that marries beautiful design with a powerful data engine. Our brief was to create the “R8 of automotive websites”. It’s simple, beautiful, responsive, quick and personalized. The site was stripped to its pure functions, and re-imagined with a cinematic configurator experience. Almost a 2 year project, special permission from Germany was given to move forward with the site after several months of presentations to both the U.S. and German executives. CD: Kim Laama, Design Director: Jimmy Soat, CWs: Bob Hall, Brian Thompson

Responsive design because everything should be.

An industry-first for an entire auto manufacturer’s website, the responsive design allows the site to work seamlessly across any combination of devices, screens and browsers—800, to be exact. Our team crafted every permutation to the exact pixel to maintain an extremely detailed level of execution and consistency. From HD televisions, and a new Macbook Pro, to an 8 year old PC, and all the way down to mobile.

Less site. More car. Plus a cinematic configurator.

The industry-first cinematic and high-resolution car configurator allows people to create their dream Audi with unprecedented realism and scale. Most car manufacturers look at the configurator as a generic tool- not something that has a photographic sensibility. We partnered one of the world’s best automotive photographers with AUDI AG’s render house, RTT. In the end, the resulting renders were used globally by Audi.

We already know you before the first hello.

A luxury brand should treat you as if they already know you—even if they’re seeing you for the first time. 27 different algorithms customize the experience to anticipate your needs—whether it’s serving up a car you’ve already researched, or predicting what you’re interested in based simply on your browser. As a result you’re more likely to get to the car you want much more quickly without having to do a deep dive.


increase in configurations


in myAudi interactions


increase in financing page visits


at an all-time high

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