Ideas for clients and no clients.

Sometimes the best pro bono work comes from working with a non-profit and sometimes it just happens. Whether it's an idea that's simple and timely, or it's a platform to help a non-profit grow to the next level, I've been fortunate to be a part of the projects below.

Helping the advocacy and preservation of modern architecture.

I led the website RFP and redesign process for Docomomo US, part of a non-profit international organization dedicated to the documentation and conservation of modern architecture. I worked with the Docomomo US board, Eduardo Nemeth (design lead) and his company Filtro to create a platform on a limited budget that not only educates, but also gives tools for advocacy and engagement.


The Giants were winning the World Series but the outcome could change at any moment. Our office was across the street from the ballpark and it seemed crazy not to create something that showed our support. This evolved into wanting to create something everyone could interact with. #GoGiants was designed and coded in an afternoon, allowing fans to tweet their support before, during and after the game. Everything was by the seat of our pants. Momo's Restaurant lent us their roof and I luckily found a projector rental. The rest is history. We made the 6 o'clock news on Bay Area Channel 2. Needless to say it was the first World Series win by the Giants in a long time. CW/ACD: Nick Strada AD: Ben Sweitzer

Posting opinions before there was social.

SFMOMA wanted to create a digital campaign around a controversial exhibit and film from Matthew Barney. Social media (particularly Twitter) as we know it didn't exist but we knew everyone would have something to say. SFMOMA was receptive to the idea of capturing people's opinions and using them to drive a conversation and attendance to the exhibit. We created a web platform that allowed people to submit their opinion into a constant stream. AD: Rikesh Lai CWs: Joe Sayaman, Justin Kramm