AI + creatives help brands trend on social.

At Deloitte Digital/Heat, I helped create a successful case study for Footaction using a recently-acquired predictive AI company to predict trends to help brands be more relevant in social. We had a 72 hour creative process to create paid social posts and online ads based on AI predictions to capitalize on the hottest conversations. It was successful enough to pitch other clients and launch at Cannes. CD/CW: Miranda Maney

Product becomes conceptual.

For the case study, we worked with shoe retailer Footaction, owned by Footlocker. Their extensive selection of shoes and clothing made it a blast to find relevant merchandise for each trend. When Cardi B announced her Vegas residency, we leveraged one of her favorite shoes, Reebok Classic's Aztrek. For the who's the G.O.A.T. debate, we leveraged Jordans, Lebron's Nikes, and Kobe's Nikes. Never mentioning anyone's name, we let the shoes do the talking.

Trend: Captain Marvel featured photoshopped fans cats into the Captain Marvel poster

Those who saw the Captain Marvel prescreening were allowed to post their honest reactions about the movie on social media.

Trend: Apex Legends was released and already hit 25 million players

Surpassing Fortnite as the most watched game on Twitch, we capitalized on leveraging the Air Jordan Legends shoe with a background that was similar to the game, but was stock.

Trend: Disney released an Aladdin teaser during the Grammys

Which featured an intriguing, uncanny, blue Will Smith as the Genie. We leveraged the Blue Metallic Champion Men's Puffer plus the ATL campaign line "cozy". People had a blast on Twitter talking about it.

Trend: Russell Westbrook reacts to young fan touching his arm during a game.

Fans were just as surprised by Westbrook’s reaction as the kid and his father were. The conversation ramped up after it happened, and we took advantage of it by featuring his shoes.

A 72 hour process

We came up with a way to release content across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and online banners, launched 72 hours after being briefed. Strategy gave us the trends in the morning, we concepted during the day, presented to the clients the next morning, and ran them the next day.


above the CTR benchmark on FB


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above the CTR benchmark on Twitter


above the benchmark via FB