Launching Crypto for the 100%.

Working with agency EVB/Essential Good and Anatha Design Director Michael ChiChi, we created a launch campaign for Anatha, an ethos-driven decentralized technology company dedicated to eliminating global poverty by making the purchase of cryptocurrency more accessible to more people around the world. With Adam Lau as copywriter, we did the pitch creative and developed this campaign across digital, social, and print media.

A new type of financial system.

Anatha brand design lead Michael ChiChi’s brand vision of using the redistributive systems of nature to represent a new financial system was an amazing starting point to create a unique POV for the advertising. To push the system to stand out even more, we worked together to create specific color and typography for the campaign. Mark Bashore and Katrina Crawford of Plains of Yonder visually crafted the spots and anthem video. Their work included many amazing brand films including the titling sequences of The White Lotus, Westworld, and Lord of The Rings, among others.

Takeovers for a different way.

What better way to announce a new equitable financial system than to announce it where the old one is. The campaign consisted of paid social, programmatic online banners, pre-roll video, homepage take-overs, and print. The buy included New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, The Economist, and others. Specific landing pages were created for the programmatic banners for those familiar with crypto and for those who were not.