Audi Road Frustration Index

To launch the new Audi A6, we needed to create a tangible way to demonstrate the car’s intelligence makes over 2,000 decisions a second. It was a living tool that analyzed data from various data sources and social media that calculated a “score” of unintelligence for 30 U.S. metro areas. We partnered with the Senseable City Lab at M.I.T. to help with the algorithm. ACD: Nick Strada, Designer: Takashi Kawashima ADs: Ben Sweitzer, Michael Gurman, CW: Vinit Patil

The Road Frustration Index: visualizing the data.

The Road Frustration Index raises awareness around what's happening on the roads based on a variety of historical and real-time data, to quantify the challenges of weather, traffic, incidents and driver sentiment. Although the A6 is not visibly the center of the experience, it's suggested as a way to cope with today's roads along with Waze, SeeClickFix, Roadify and Trapster.

RFI in social

The RFI was inherently social through consumers being able to compare their own local index against friends from other cities. We created ways for the index to be embeddable on blogs as well as interesting visual ways the score could be represented.

The research went even further with MIT and the Volkswagen Group's Electronics Research Labs in Silicon Valley. Actual physical measurement of road stress and other factors was conducted by researchers. This work has helped lead to more driver-focused technology for day-to-day driving.

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