Retail and ownership.

To help elevate and innovate the dealerships, our team worked with Audi of America on the Progressive Retail initiative. The goal of this program is to provide dealers with robust, efficient business tools that will enable “game changing” customer sales & service experience. The user experience and design team worked closely
 with regional dealerships to quickly iterate and test ideas that would be the most beneficial- and more importantly- something they would actually use. CD: Kim Laama, UX Lead: Zarni Ko, Design Director: Jimmy Soat

Sales Assist iPad app: because a digital tool can help sell cars.

We wanted to remove some of the hiccups of the sales process. Due to the popularity of many Audi models and low inventories at dealers, salespeople often do not have the right model on the lot to explain options to customers. With the Sales Assist app every model and available option is there for them to sell with. Future iterations were to include financial tools, paperless signing and dealer backend integration. Password for video is "watch".

Service Assist iPad app

In many respects dealers are not working in the same digital world their customers are. Streamlining the paperwork when a customer arrives for service can increase both dealer satisfaction and customer loyalty. We wanted to create a single view of the customer that would enhance their service experience and create efficiencies within the service department. Password for video is "watch".