Visa go: advertising + utility.

Rather than telling folks to “go with Visa” we created online utilities in banners that allowed consumers to “go” and do interesting things. By partnering with online brands consumers already used and liked, we were able to create engagement and action around what could have been very passive brand campaign messaging. Media partnerships were chosen based on how much utility their API afforded. CD: Clark Morgan, ACD/Design Director: Jamie Attfield partnership: go see a live show of a band you like.

We partnered with to present relevant concerts based on an artist you like. The banner could serve up similar bands playing nearby and as well as a way to purchase tickets to the shows. A preview of the music was available, as well as a map to the venue of the concert. Consumers could also change their zip code for even more options. The banners ran on relevant music and lifestyle online destinations.

Fandango partnership: find a movie nearby and buy tickets.

We partnered with Fandango to offer up in-banner options of searching for what's playing nearby. Movies were listed per starting time from when the banner was live. Information about the movie as well as a map to the theater were also shown. Consumers could click to get tickets for the movie. Banners were placed on lifestyle sites as well as unexpected places and times that could prompt a spontaneous trip to the movies.

Daily Candy partnership: go discover something new. 

We partnered with Daily Candy for content in key U.S. cities such as Chicago, New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco. Curation by the Daily Candy team included places to discover such as where to shop, where to eat and where to escape to. These selections included a description of the individual places as well as its location on a map. Other categories to check out included cool music as well as books.

Open Table partnership: find a restaurant in a banner.

How about make a reservation at a restaurant all within a banner unit? Powered by OpenTable’s API this banner prompted users to create a night on the town. One could utilize normal Open Table functionality such as searching by the number of diners in your party and by zip code. Available times were listed, as well as a map. In this digital campaign Visa was able to successfully rebrand itself while providing utility to customers.

How about something to eat right now?

The "treats" set of banners were ideas of things to eat based on different times of the day. The banner would dynamically choose the appropriate "treat" per time of the day. This could be pancakes in the morning, sushi at lunch or ice cream in the afternoon. These food and snack recommendations also featured the locations in the viewer's area where they could find and purchase the item by leveraging the Google Maps api. 

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Creative renaissance?

Banners don’t normally get love. We saw this campaign as an opportunity to innovate a medium that’s many times ignored. And Adweek recognized it as so.

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